Iris Protection Services, Inc. (IPS) is equipped to provide the following services:

Armed Security Guards

 We provide licensed, certified, and trained armed officers to secure your
lives and valuable assets in the best possible ways, around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Commercial Security

When it comes to securing your property, business, customers, employees
and equipment, we will provide our best professional and trained officers who possess outstanding
customer service skills to provide seamless but outstanding surveillance and security for your business.

Mobile Security

Our armed and unarmed security officers will monitor and patrol your residential or
commercial property in regular basis to spot any irregularity and take prompt action.

Event Security

We provide utmost protection for your private events, concerts, sporting events or
concerts in order to avert any internal or external threat. Our staff is trained to handle brawls, manning
and controlling entrances and exits for orderly movement of crowd and conduct evacuation in case of an emergency.

Construction Site Security

We provide around the clock vigilance and protection of valuable
material and equipment, and access points so your project can be completed on time without any

VIP & Executive Security

Our professional, licensed, certified and armed security officers in plain
clothes will protective coverage to at-risk individuals at home, during travel, or at the time of public
appearance. Our skilled and trained officers will protect you while traveling with valuables during the
trade shows, etc.